Kuopion Joulutori

Clothing and accessories


Roosan makes unique and colourful macramé hair bands, earrings and other accessories.


Roosan is located in the clothing&design shop nr. 18


Luppaset clothing company comes from Kuopio. It´s clothing selections are made with bold and fun twists which will amaze everyone, from small child to adult. 


Luppaset is located in the clothing&design shop nr. 18

Made by Hannele Rusila

Made by Hannele Rusila

Made by Hannele Rusila is one woman weaving company from North Karelia. She produces decoration and accessory textiles using different kinds of looms. Product range includes bath and hand towels, runners and tablecloths all made from flax. You can also find shawls and scarves which are made from alpaca.


From KOTINEN glass container shop you can find products made by ten different crafting companies. The entrepreneurs are long-term professionals and the quality of their products is really high. But not just the quality combines these items. They all have strong root in Finnishness.

Hannele Rusila is located in the KOTINEN Christmas shop nr. 16


Ihania clothing company has been making handmade clothes, accessories and other lovely products since 2016. In Kuopio Christmas Market, you can buy seasonal Christmas elf hats for the whole family.


IHANIA is located in the clothing&design shop nr. 18

Henkinen Kovis

Henkinen Kovis

Henkinen Kovis Oy is a company started by Henni Kinnunen. This company provides life coaching services and is specialized in rising peoples self-esteem. Henni is also an entrepreneur at Ihmeenkulma and her product range includes fabulous hairbands and a small clothing collection.


Henkinen Kovis is located in the clothing&design shop nr. 18



TaavaNainen offers handmade wool accessories and certified reflectives in Kuopio Christmas market. The woman behind the products, Taava herself, has been knitting and making other handcrafts since she was a child. Today Taava is a full time handcrafter in Helsinki.


TaavaNainen is located in the deli&gift shop nr. 17

Käsityö Kaipainen

Käsityö Kaipainen – Handmade in Kuopio

Jewelry and accessories for everyday use and festivities. These handmade products are made from stainless steel, birch plywood, resin and polymer clay.

Käsityö Kaipainen is located in the clothing&design shop nr. 18

Koi Design

Koi Design is an Oulu area based jewelry company. For the woman behind the company making personal and handmade jewelry is passion. Bright colored wood jewelry can be worn every day or on a special occasion.

Koi design is located in the clothing&design shop nr. 18



Hi, this is Satu from Masuste My story became when I got interested about nature, recycling and tuning. Then one time when I was at sauna I got the idea of Masuste. “Sauna never fails you!” That’s how Masuste was born; a brand which assortment includes hand-made accessories for pregnant women and babies and many kinds of other lovely accessories for everyone. All products are hand-made mainly at recycled materials. I also utilize materials from nature. I get wool and feathers from my own sheep and chicken. All products are made in Joroinen by me.

Greetings Satu Antikainen


Masuste is located in the clothing&design shop nro 18

Helena Veijalainen

Familiar face among Kuopio market salespersons. Since childhood, Helena has been making handcrafted clothing and accessories for family and friends. Today, the love for handcrafts keeps Helena knitting quality wool products for people to buy in Kuopio.

Helena´s woolen products are located in the center of the market square (table). 

Vanhasta uutta – kaunista kierrättäen


From old to something new –  Recycled beauty

HiiaA´s product selection has many different options which are mostly made out of recycled materials: hats, bags and other accessories. Here you can also find various models of shirts and knitted products. These products have been awarded with the Key Flag Symbol.


HiiA is located in the deli&gift shop nr. 17


Authentic sheep wool slippers bring warmth and comfort to your feet. Slippers are safe to use because there are sliding barriers on the bottom. Many studies have proven that sheep wool is good for your health. Sheep wool contains fibers which can improve blood circulation. Family business Linella Oy sells high quality slippers in Christmas Market. By using these slippers you can turn your floorheating down and thus safe energy.

Linella is located in the middle of the Christmas Market (table). 


I make decoration textiles, sustainable products and earrings. I use natural materials such as flax, cotton and leather. I also try to use recycled materials whenever I can.


Mokomia is located in the deli&gift shop nr. 17



StyleOne company travels all around Finland visiting various markets and events. Wool shirts, pants and socks are all made out of authentic finnish wool. Here you can also buy European wool products: alpaca and angora wool socks and gloves.

StyleOne is located in the Christmas shop nr. 19