Kuopion Joulutori

Clothing and accessories


“ROOSAN is a company founded in 2020 that manufacture unique hair accessories and pearl jewelry by hand. Behind the company is Roosa who desings and creates each product from her home in Kokkola. Roosa’s selection you can find lovely accessories to brighten up your everyday life as well as to crown your party style.

I have always loved doing things with my hand and enjoyed seeing my own handprints. When the pandemic hit in 2020 more time was freed up to do crafts. At that time the dream of starting my own company was born and this is how the story of ROOSAN began”

Each product is made with care and has traces of craftsmanship and love for details.


Facebook @Roosan / Instagram @roosan.fi

You can find ROOSAN's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.



TIIKU is a domestic clothing brand which produces beautiful and timeless clothes responsibly. Materials are mainly GOTS certified cotton, flax and mulesing-free merino wool. Products are made in company´s own workshop in Kuopio or in carefully picked cooperation workshops in Finland. TIIKU has been granted with Key Flag mark.

You can find TIIKU's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.



Helena, familiar seller from Kuopio market place, knits quality woolsocks, mittens and half gloves for children and adults. At the Christmas Market there are also potholders and other Christmas themed handcrafts. With wollen products Helena prefers materials which can be washed in the washing machine.

Helena started making handcrafts as a child in her family´s farm by shearing wool from sheep. The wool was sent to spinning mill and the post brought back brand new wool threads for knitting. Enthusiasm for handcrafs and retirement age freetime let Helena maintain her entrepreneurship, playfully called “Sock Grandma”.


Ihania clothing company has been making handmade clothes, accessories and other lovely products since 2016. In Kuopio Christmas Market, you can buy seasonal Christmas elf hats for the whole family.


Facebook/Instagram @ihania.fi

You can find IHANIA's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.



StyleOne company travels all around Finland visiting various markets and events. Wool shirts, pants and socks are all made out of authentic finnish wool. Here you can also buy European wool products: alpaca and angora wool socks and gloves.