Kuopion Joulutori

Restaurants & Cafés

joulun lumo – gastrobar & glögibar

Joulun Lumo sets the table with food countys delicious gems. You don’t only taste the food, you also live it, experience it and enjoy it. Come by and drink glogg or taste seasons delicacies!

GastroBar B/P makes food in the restaurant. Their burgers have been voted the best in Finland. They are also known for their fusion and street food which are so good that they bring tears of joy to your eyes.

Hurry Events keeps the glogg kettles warm. Their steaming products include things like Strawberry Glogg by Nenonen and Willimaku Glogg that is award-winning product in Europe. You can also taste Hiekkalas pale organic apple glogg, strawberry or blackcurrant glogg and Loimus vintage glogg.

Europes tastiest Christmas menu is built with products that come from nearby. You can get to know companies like Kala-Lappi, Pesolan Pihviliha, Willimaku, Peltola Blue and Kuopion Hunajalla. You can also taste foods like parfait made from wild duck’s liver by Finnwild, lamb by Rantalan tila and various products from Siilin Mylly. We also serve the Christmas time classic – rice porridge.

Joulun Lumo - Gastrobar & Glögibar is located in the cozy white Christmas tent 

Kuopijon Lettukeisari

Old fashioned market squares has always had amazing salesperson personalities, which always keep getting customers to come back for a visit. As one of these salespersons, Mikko Miina has been able to come up with his own product brand, with the help of Grandma’s secret recipes. Just like Grandma says: “If you cook pancakes and you do it right, you don’t need to work at all”.


Kuopijon Lettukeisari is located in the Christmas stall nr. 9

Kalakukkoleipomo Hanna Partanen

Baker Hanna Partanen was born in 1891 in Kuopio. Her widely known and authentic Savonian dish “kalakukko”, which resembles an oval bread and inside filled with fish, has been sold at Kuopio market square for over 90 years. Other dishes have filled the bakery’s selection over the years. All the pastries are cooked and made by hand honoring their roots, and ingredients are bought from local entrepreneurs.


Kalakukkoleipomo Hanna Partanen is located in the Christmas stall nr. 5

Leipomoliike Irene Partanen

Kuopio native bakery, Kalakukko Irene Partanen bakery, brings locally produced, authentic and traditional finnish pastries to Kuopio Christmas market. This bakery has been nominated as one of the best kalakukko bakeries in Finland over the years.


Leipomoliike Irene Partanen is located in the Christmas stall nr. 7


A.Asplundin Rahkamunkit

A.Asplund serves quark-filled buns that are made on the spot. You can eat them right away or take them home with you! We are a small familybusiness from Mäntyharju and we bake delicious quark-filled buns on the spot. We have been using the same great recipe for over 20 years now.

A.Asplund is located in the Christmas stall nr. 11