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Sorrento Wine & Antipasto

Sorrento wine & antipasto

Trattoria Sorrento has been part of restaurant world of Kuopio since the year 2013. On this year Sorrento opens their third restaurant Sfizieria Sorrento on the business street and thus they bring Italian delicacies even closer to the people of Kuopio. 

From the Sorrento booth at The Christmas Market you can buy Italian cheese, cold cuts and antipastos – you can eat them on the spot of take them with you. Additionally at the booth you can taste import wines with sommelier and of course Italian beers, lemonades and familiar Sorrento Christmas baskets take part too.

Joulun Lumo christmas bar and cafe

“JOULUN LUMO” Christmas bar and café

Sawohouse Underground and HURRY Events execute lovely Christmas café and bar this year at the Kuopio Christmas Market. We serve traditional Christmas delicacies: fish soup, tasty rice porridge, buns, doughnuts, damson plum jams, gingerbread, coffee and tea. From Lignell & Piispanen you can get lovely and fragrant Christmassy drinks and mulled wine drinks with or without alcohol. Come and visit us when you are Christmas shopping and sit down for a little while to enjoy some lovely delicacies. You will surely get into the Christmas mood with Christmassy backround music and entertaining live music from the local artists.

Haapasalon Hatsapuri

haapasalon Hatsapuri

Haapasalon Hatsapuri is a company from Puumala founded by Ville Haapasalo in the summer of 2020. They make and sell delicious Georgian cheesebread called “Hatsapuri”. We welcome you all to taste this delicacy baked in Puumala and to enjoy Christmas atmosphere at Kuopio Christmas Market.

“When the weather gets colder the Hatsapuri gets hotter.”


Leipomoliike Irene Partanen

Kuopio native bakery, Kalakukko Irene Partanen bakery, brings locally produced, authentic and traditional finnish pastries to Kuopio Christmas market. This bakery has been nominated as one of the best kalakukko bakeries in Finland over the years.


A.Asplund bratwurst

A.Asplund bratwurst

A.Asplund is a small familybusiness from Mäntyharju and in Kuopio Christmas Market they serve you with some delicious german bratwurst!


SpiraaliSipsi produces handmade chips from beetroot, potato and sweet potato on the spot. “Our story began at the coutry fair in the year 2016. When I was traveling in the Baltic countries I discovered potatoes which have been cut in beautiful spiral shape and placed in the tip of the stick. From that I got the inspiration to bake and sell spiral potatoes at fairs”, sums the entrepreneur Matti Martikainen from Spiraaliperuna Oy. Slowly the shape of spiral potatoes changed, the sticks defaulted and other root vegetables came along. Spiral potatoes became Spiral chips and in the end potatoes, sweet potatoes and beetroots settled their place in the SpiraaliSipsi booths. So far we have used these root vegetables but we do constant product development and test affordance of other root vegetables.

A.Asplund quarkbuns

A.Asplundin quarkbuns

A.Asplund serves quark-filled buns that are made on the spot. You can eat them right away or take them home with you! We are a small familybusiness from Mäntyharju and we bake delicious quark-filled buns on the spot. We have been using the same great recipe for over 20 years now.

Africana Sambusa

Africana Sambusa

Africana Sambusa is a family business that has been founded in the year 2014. We are a food establishment that visits different cities and serves exotic street food and delicacies. Our joy is to bring you positivity, happiness and special atmosphere with egosentric gastronomic food.

Our selection includes sambusa for example. Sambusa is a handmade oriental thin bake which has been made from fried dough and filled with fresh seasonal products. In this case we fill them either with finnish minced meat or mung beans. Sambusa is a popular exotic snack in Eastern-Africa and we humbly expand your taste palet with this one of a kind opportunity.