Kuopion Joulutori

Christmas market events

Meet Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus at Christmas Market

Meet Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus at Christmas Market

Sat-Sun 11.-12.12. 11-14 and 15-17 
Fri 17.12. 11-14 and 15-18
Sat-Sun 18.-19.2021 11-14 and 15-17

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are visiting the Christmas Market this year! Come meet the Christmas season’s heartwarming couple in the heart of the Christmas Market.

Parer Studio

Bunnies Sat-Wed 11.-15.12. 

Glowing bunnies arrive at the Christmas market to delight people for the five days. The adorable bunnies entice the audience to stop and  at the same time reflect on the more serious message behind the work.  

In the homeland of the artist Amanda Paper in Australia, the bunnies are one of the introduced species that were imported by white immigrants in 1788. Bunnies have created much destruction in Australia. They leave behind biodiversity loss and harm to native animal species. Although those animals are harmful for nature, they still represent the image of fairytale, playfulness and sweet innocence.

Light Circus Spektri

Saturday 11.12. 15.30

Light Circus Spektri is a performance group that uses LED-instruments in their colorful and showy light shows. 

The choreografies that are used in the performances are very diverse and performers’ own parts of improvisation add some extra spice to the shows. Spektri strives to convey this good mood to the audience as a memorable experience. Composition of the group and music genre in the shows changes depending on the situation.

Saturday 11.12. & 18.12.
Juho Kela

Pianist Juho Kela

Saturday 11.12. 12.00 Restaurant tent
Saturday 18.12. 12.00 Restaurant tent

Juho Kela is a unique pianist who’s  going to set the stage on fire! Juho Kela is talented musician who´s able to create an atmosphere with his instrumental playing. The uniqueness is also shown by the fact that the artist doesn’t use any music sheets but plays the desired playlist from memory.

Belenos Fire and light show 

Saturday 18.12. 15.30 and 16.30

Kaiku is a powerful fire show where the audience sees excellence in flow-arts. 

Halo is a futuristic and mood uplifting performance which is full of the magic of the north! Halo is the new light show of Belenos.

Saturday 11.12. and 18.12.


Hurmos Coverband

Saturday 11.12. 15.00 and 16.00 Restaurant tent
Saturday 18.12. 15.00 and 16.00 Restaurant tent

HURMOS  is a cover band which was created by two friends from Kuopio. They play covers from the classic hits to the decades hits in finnish and english.

Saturday 18.12.
Magician Markus Tervo

Professional Magician Markus Tervo

Saturday 18.12. 11.00-17.00

Markus Tervo is a professional magician from Helsinki with ten years of experience in performing. Tervo is a five-time Finnish Champion and he also has several merits from the Nordic magic competitions.

During his career Tervo has appeared in various events and television programs, like “Hyvät ja huonot uutiset” and “Finland Talent show”, where he reached to the semi-finals. In addition to his gigs, he is the chairman of the Finnish Magician association. 

The 6A music-class from Kalevala School performs Christmas carols

Monday 20.12. 12.00 Christmas market stage
Tuesday 21.12. 12.00 Christmas market stage

The 6A music-class from Kalevala School performs traditional Christmas carols! 

Toriparkki 30 years! Free parking sun 12.12.

Toriparkki 30 years! Sunday 12.12 Free parking

Sunday 12.12. Free parking at Toriparkki

On Sunday 12.12.2021 Toriparkki turns 30-years and to celebrate that, parking at Toriparkki will be free all day!

When you drive to Toriparkki you take the ticket from the entrance as usual. When you are leaving you go to the vending machine and it checks out that your parking has been free of charge. If you are using the Moovy-app you can drive normally in and out for free.

Show at the torilava/stage 14.00 / Kuopion Pysäköinti Oy

-Event is opened by Vesa Saramäki, CEO of Kuopion Pysäköinti Oy
-Finlandia hymn is sung by Sakari Kuosmanen
-Tuula Väätäinen, Member of Parliament/chairwoman of Kuopio city council gives an oration
-Music and fireshow are performed by Sakari Kuosmanen and Salima Peippo

At Kauppakeskus Apaja 11.00-13.45:

-Kuopion Pysäköinti serves gingerbread, glogg, balloons and raffle at the lobby of Apaja.

Touhula: Kids Elftrack
Fri-Sat 17.-18.12.


Friday 17.12. 11-18 | Near the kid´s playground in tori
Saturday 18.12. 11-17 | Near the kid´s playground in tori

Kindergarten Touhula has set up a skill track for all little elves! 

Children of all ages can come and try their skills in different tasks that Santa’s little helpers need in their work while preparing for Christmas. Diplomas and little surprise rewards are given to those who finish the track.

The free of charge track is open on Friday 17.12. 11-18 o’clock and on Saturday 18.12 11-17 o’clock. At the same time, adults are able to ask the kindergarten staff questions related to early childhood education and kindergarten services.


Sunday 19.12. 15.30 & 16.30

Energetic performance that captures the audience with rythmic music. The performance consists of four choreographies with fire tans, sticks and buoys, hola hoops as instruments. The show ends with a massive spark of rain. 

Fire dancing and juggling choreographed into a beautiful and hypnotic ensemble. Show includes four choreographies and a showy ending.

Santa Lucia parade and choir

Santa lUCIA parade and choir

Sat 11.12. 14.00 Parade leaves from the City Hall to Christmas market square

A traditional Santa Lucia parade in the Christmas market square. The Lucia maids will also perform a few selected Christmas carols.



Sun 12.12. 14.30 Christmas market stage

A group of Haapaniemi School´s Youth music orchestra will present a traditional finnish Christmas carol performance Tiernapojat.

Tintti the Elf And The Secret Of Korvatunturi
Mon 13.12. & Tue 14.12.

Tintti the Elf And The Secret Of Korvatunturi

13.12. 11.00 | Christmas market stage
14.12. 11.00 | Christmas market stage

Who is Tintti The Kindergarten Elf? Why is Tintti in need of help? What is it like in Korvatunturi? Can you meet Santa there? How does Santa get all the Christmas presents to children all around the world? Do little elves go to Kindergarten? What is the secret of Korvatunturi? These questions will be answered with Tintti the Elf on the way to Korvatunturi. Singing, dancing and exploring together can solve the mystery of Korvatunturi.

Tintti the Elf And The Secret Of Korvatunturi is a fun, get together show for the whole family.

Swinging Christmas by Kuopion Rytmi-pojat

12.12. Sunday 15 & 16 Restaurant tent
19.12. Sunday 15 & 16 Restaurant tent

Kuopion Rytmi-pojat or Kuopio’s Rhythm Boys, will play swing, fox, jazz and dixieland. Also they will play two sets of Christmas swing from Jingle bells to Elf’s Christmas letkajenka. (Letkajenka is a finnish dance). 

Sat and sun 18.-19.12.


Saturday 18.12. 12.00-15.00
Sunday 19.12. 12.00-15.00

Come to see wonderful ponies at the Christmas Market Sa-Su 18-19.12. 12.00-15.00.
Kuopion Ravirata brings the ponies to the market square, in cooperation with the local 4H association. 

Haapaniemi youth orchestra plays Christmas carols with trumpets

Haapaniemi youth orchestra palys christmas carols with trumpets

Wed 15.12. 11.00 & 12.00 Christmas market stage
Thu 16.12. 11.00 & 12.00 Christmas market stage

The trumpet players of the Haapaniemi youth music orchestra plays christmas music at the Kuopio Market square.

Haapaniemi School´s youth orchestra plays christmas carols

Wednesday 15.12. 16.00 & 17.00 Christmas market stage
Thursday 16.12. 16.00 & 17.00 Christmas market stage

Youth music orchestra from Haapaniemi School will present traditional and well-known finnish Christmas carols. 

Reindeers at Christmas market
sat-sun 18.-19.12.

Reindeer rides at the Christmas Market

Saturday 18.12. 11.00-14.00 reindeer rides
Sunday 19.12. 11.00-14.00 feeding

Reindeers arrive from the Tahko to the Christmas Market to ride children on Saturday 18.12. There’s also Usva-reindeer who is also known from previous market events. Reindeer ride costs 2 €/child.

On Sunday reindeers spend their day off at the market so you are welcome to feed them with lichens. Reindeer´s owner Päivi is happy to tell you more of these handsome reindeers. 


Anssi K. Laitinen plays Christmas carols with accordion

Anssi K. Laitinen plays accordion

Monday 13.12. 16.30 Christmas Market Square
Tuesday 14.12. 16.30 Christmas Market Square

Anssi K. Laitinen plays Christmas carols with accordion.