Kuopion Joulutori

Kuopio Christmas market program

Free carousel
Open everyday


Weekdays 11.00-18.00
Weekends 11.00-17.00

Free carousel rides for children during opening hours. 

Parer Studio

Bunnies Sat-Wed 11.-15.12. 

Glowing bunnies arrive at the Christmas market to delight people for the five days. The adorable bunnies entice the audience to stop and  at the same time reflect on the more serious message behind the work.  

In the homeland of the artist Amanda Paper in Australia, the bunnies are one of the introduced species that were imported by white immigrants in 1788. Bunnies have created much destruction in Australia. They leave behind biodiversity loss and harm to native animal species. Although those animals are harmful for nature, they still represent the image of fairytale, playfulness and sweet innocence.

Light Circus Spektri

Saturday 11.12. 15.30

Light Circus Spektri is a performance group that uses LED-instruments in their colorful and showy light shows. 

The choreografies that are used in the performances are very diverse and performers’ own parts of improvisation add some extra spice to the shows. Spektri strives to convey this good mood to the audience as a memorable experience. Composition of the group and music genre in the shows changes depending on the situation.

Belenos Fire and light show 

Saturday 18.12. 15.30 and 16.30

Kaiku is a powerful fire show where the audience sees excellence in flow-arts. 

Halo is a futuristic and mood uplifting performance which is full of the magic of the north! Halo is the new light show of Belenos.

Christmas market products


Kuopion joulutorin
ovet aukeavat
11.12. klo 11

Tapaa Joulupukki ja muori joulutorilla
11.-12.12. ja 17.-19.12.

näe ja koe Parer studion valotaideteokset
torilla 11.-15.12.