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Products and sellers 2023

Joulun Lumo christmas bar and cafe

“JOULUN LUMO” Christmas bar and café

Sawohouse Underground and HURRY Events execute lovely Christmas café and bar this year at the Kuopio Christmas Market. We serve traditional Christmas delicacies: fish soup, tasty rice porridge, buns, doughnuts, damson plum jams, gingerbread, coffee and tea. From Lignell & Piispanen you can get lovely and fragrant Christmassy drinks and mulled wine drinks with or without alcohol. Come and visit us when you are Christmas shopping and sit down for a little while to enjoy some lovely delicacies. You will surely get into the Christmas mood with Christmassy backround music and entertaining live music from the local artists.

Leipomoliike Irene Partanen

Kuopio native bakery, Kalakukko Irene Partanen bakery, brings locally produced, authentic and traditional finnish pastries to Kuopio Christmas market. This bakery has been nominated as one of the best kalakukko bakeries in Finland over the years.


A.Asplund bratwurst

A.Asplund bratwurst

A.Asplund is a small familybusiness from Mäntyharju and in Kuopio Christmas Market they serve you with some delicious german bratwurst!

A.Asplund quarkbuns

A.Asplundin quarkbuns

A.Asplund serves quark-filled buns that are made on the spot. You can eat them right away or take them home with you!

We are a small family business from Mäntyharju and we bake delicious quark-filled buns on the spot. We have been using the same great recipe for over 20 years now!

Facebook @Rahkamunkit

Pop-Up Christmas cabin
Fri-Sun 8.-10.12.


This winter Kuopio’s Christmas market will offer a unique street food experience when Hodarikoju arrives to offer its mouthwatering delicacies. The brightest stars on our list are the first class hotdogs which are made with our own recipes from ingredients producers in Northern Savo.

All our hotdogs are named after famous dogs. You can choose your favorite from our selection, Lennu, Beethoven or police dog Rex. A refreshing Christmas themed taste experience will be launched as a novelty at the Kuopio Christmas market, “Pukin pikku apuri”.

Hodarikoju is a street food catering service that serves street food with Northern Savo spices while creating unique service experiences. We operate all over Finland and offer our services for both private and corporate events.


Facebook @Hodarikoju / Instagram @hodarikoju

Pop-Up Christmas cabin 
Friday-Sunday 8.-10.12.


“ROOSAN is a company founded in 2020 that manufacture unique hair accessories and pearl jewelry by hand. Behind the company is Roosa who desings and creates each product from her home in Kokkola. Roosa’s selection you can find lovely accessories to brighten up your everyday life as well as to crown your party style.

I have always loved doing things with my hand and enjoyed seeing my own handprints. When the pandemic hit in 2020 more time was freed up to do crafts. At that time the dream of starting my own company was born and this is how the story of ROOSAN began”

Each product is made with care and has traces of craftsmanship and love for details.


Facebook @Roosan / Instagram @roosan.fi

You can find ROOSAN's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.



TIIKU is a domestic clothing brand which produces beautiful and timeless clothes responsibly. Materials are mainly GOTS certified cotton, flax and mulesing-free merino wool. Products are made in company´s own workshop in Kuopio or in carefully picked cooperation workshops in Finland. TIIKU has been granted with Key Flag mark.

You can find TIIKU's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.



Helena, familiar seller from Kuopio market place, knits quality woolsocks, mittens and half gloves for children and adults. At the Christmas Market there are also potholders and other Christmas themed handcrafts. With wollen products Helena prefers materials which can be washed in the washing machine.

Helena started making handcrafts as a child in her family´s farm by shearing wool from sheep. The wool was sent to spinning mill and the post brought back brand new wool threads for knitting. Enthusiasm for handcrafs and retirement age freetime let Helena maintain her entrepreneurship, playfully called “Sock Grandma”.


Ihania clothing company has been making handmade clothes, accessories and other lovely products since 2016. In Kuopio Christmas Market, you can buy seasonal Christmas elf hats for the whole family.


Facebook/Instagram @ihania.fi

You can find IHANIA's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.



StyleOne company travels all around Finland visiting various markets and events. Wool shirts, pants and socks are all made out of authentic finnish wool. Here you can also buy European wool products: alpaca and angora wool socks and gloves.

BellaMiina Design

bellamiina design

BellaMiina Design is small decoration and craft company from South Karelia, which manufactures small bunnies, woolen snowballs and other home decoration products and textiles made from natural materials. All products are carefully and lovingly designed and handmade in Lappeenranta, in BellaMiina’s own workshop.

Instagram @bellamiinadesign

You can find BellaMiina Design´s products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.



Joulupallo is a Finnish company for which it is important to offer our customers high quality and handmade Christmas tree decorations. Their selection includes hand painted Christmas balls in Finland and glass ornaments made of mouth-blown glass in Germany, which bring to mind nostalgic Christmases from the past.


Facebook/Instagram @joulupallo.fi

You can find Joulupallo's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.

Teranmäen Paja

teranmäenpaja Oy

Teranmäki workshop has been operating since 2014 and the products have gained a lot of popularity all over Finland. Teranmäki offers unique handmade decorative and utility items as well as larger stuctures. The products are handmade in Jäppilä by blacksmith Tero Vepsäläinen.

Handmade jewelry will also be sold at the same stand. The jewelry is made by Heilo Handmade. Heilo handmade is a small workshop in Jäppilä, straight from the heart of Savo. Heilo makes unique earrings and necklaces by hand. The material is very diverse polymermass and resin, where only imagination and the sky are the limits. Reindeer antler and the fascinating birch are used as natural materials. Dare to be different!

Facebook @taontapajaarcturus

Instagram @teranmaen_paja @heilohandmade



“Sweet, popular & gentle handmade salt soaps and string soaps from Onnenpussi’s own soap workshop in North Karelia.

Gentle handmade salt soaps with plenty of sea salt, suitable for all skin types, especially dry, rough and atopic skin. The naturally antiseptic salt neutralizes skin bacteria making you feel fresh. The natural fats and oils contained in salt soaps and the minerals of sea salt help maintain the moisture balance of your skin. Suitable for the face, hands and the whole body.

Vegan, no palm oil, no animal testing, handmade in North Karelia, in Liperi, key flag mark.”


Facebook / Instagram @onnenpussi 

You can find Onnenpussi´s products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.

Kuopion 4H-yhdistys ry Christmas Pop-Up Mon-Tue 18.-19.12

KUOPION 4H-YHDISTYS RY christmas pop-up

Kuopion 4-H yhdistys ry is an association operating in the Kuopio region. The purpose of the association is to produce low threshold activities for children and young people. There are clubs and camps for children and courses and job opportunities for young people to increase their working life skills.

At the Christmas market we sell self made crafts. We finance our youth activities with for example various sales. Welcome to chat and get to know our activities!

Kuopion 4H-yhdistys ry
Pop-up Christmas cabin

muotoiluhuone tuokio

Tuokio is a small and brisk design company from Rauma. Our goal is to bring a little joy and cheer into everyday life with colors and shapes. Here you can find happy birch plywood jewelry and accessories as well as happy home decoration products. All products are manufactured in Finland and what is important to us is responsibility, environmental friendliness, customer orientation and domesticity.

From us to you, with a hug!


Facebook/Instagram @muotoiluhuonetuokio

You can find Muotoiluhuone Tuokio's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.

Paja Handcrafts

paja handcrafts

Small one woman home workshop in Siilinjärvi, Kuuslahti. Paja Handcrafts produces hand cast colored candles with beautiful broken colors. There are christmas ones as well as various other more timeless models. There also jewelry made of polymer mass and uv resin, dangling and stud earrings. Piercing parts in jewelry made of stainless steel.

All products are made with a lot of heart!

Facebook/Instagram @pajahandcrafts

You can find Paja Handcrafts products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.


Frilla – colorful handmade wool products right in the heart of Savo.


Nature Art

Nature art

Nature Art creates floristic products from natural and local resources.




Pliide offers you personal and cheerful products. The entrepreneur from Savonia has exited over 20 cities and local newspapers and radios with their dialect magnets. They have done a bunch of other topics too and the fun of it is to do things together. They collect sayings in Facebook and the most liked ones are made as magnet series. There are over 400 texts now and naturally it didn’t stop with the magnet – there are other products available too. At Kuopio Christmas Market you can buy magnets, bookmarks, keychains ja earrings with different text options.


Kaunismaan Tila

Kaunismaan tila

Kaunismaa farm in Leppävirta is a versatile sheep farm. The farm raises finnish sheep who’s wool comes in different shades and its softness and curl makes great threads and hides. Finnish sheep are a slowly growing breed so their meat is low-fat, mild and tender. Finnish sheep graze the natural fields efficiently and thus take care of natures diversity.

Kaunimaan Tila sells different kinds of handcrafts made from wool and hide like mittens, beanies, slippers and gnomes. They also sell products made from wild herbs like spruce sprout syrup, rowan bud syrup, herbal teas and nettle seeds.

Kallan eläinsuojelu ry
Pop-up Christmas cabin
Mon-wed 11.-13.12.

Kallan eläinsuojelu ry

Kallan esy is a completely voluntary animal welfare association operating in Northern Savo. The main job is rescuing cats with the authorities and also helps in other rescues. Kallan esy also looks for homes for cats that need a new home and accepts voluntarily surrendered cats.

Products made by foster homes and raffles are on sale at the Christmas market. Kallan esy also has fundraising permit.
Fundraising 25.11.2023-25.2.2024

You can support the activity by donating:
FI45 4600 0011 3374 62
Kallan eläinsuojelu ry 


The collection is valid for 3 months or until 10 000€ has been reached.

Kallan eläinsuojelu ry
Pop-up Christmas cabin
Mon-wed 11.-13.12

Daiga Daiga Duu

Daiga Daiga Duu

Daiga Daiga Duu collection includes cheerful products made from recycled fabric. Colourful product selection has been growing little by little since the year 2008. Design basis are “happy look” and practicality.

Timo Satuli

Timo Satuli

Timo Satuli sells honey products, wild herbs and candles. Candles are made from beginning to end at his own estate in Rautalampi. Satuli is known by his handmade, unique patterned candles which don’t spread smoke or trickle. Honey comes from his own bees and wild herbs are handpicked. Satulis selection also includes lip balms and resin lotions etc.

Timo Satuli has been familiar operative at Kuopio Market for the last ten years and also from other events and markets!

Pelastakaa Lapset ry
Christmas Pop-Up
Thu-Fri 14.-15.12.

pelastakaa lapset ry

The volunteers from Save the Children union of Kuopio collect funds for the union by organizing sales and selling handmade socks, mittens and other knit garments. The funds collected are used to help the children in the most vulnerable positions. Union’s purpose and goal is to improve the way that children are treated and to make direct and lasting improvements to the childen’s lives. Furthermore the union advances the participation of children.

Pelastakaa Lapset ry
Pop-up christmas cabin

Savon Eläinsuojelu ry
Christmas Pop-Up
Sat-Sun 16.-17.12.

Savon Eläinsuojelu ry

Savon Eläinsuojelu ry is Northern Savonian member association of SEY. Associations homestead is Kuopio and their domain is Northern Savonia. The most important mission of the association is to affect attitudes and to increase empathy towards animals. All the animals have intrinsic value and the associations purpose is to advance welfare of each individual animal.

At the Christmas Market we sell calendars, lottery tickets and some of our own products. We also accept donations like food for cats, dogs and wild animals. You can also bring item donations like handcrafts for sale, prices for the lottery, animal utensils and toys, cleaning items and cleansers, clean sheets, beanies, blankets and towels.

Savon Eläinsuojelu fund their activity with membership fees and donations. You can support our activity also by becoming a member. Welcome to chat, support and get to know our activity!

You can support with donation:
FI49 5068 8520 0059 51 
MobilePay: 85785 

Savon Eläinsuojelu ry
Pop-up christmas cabin

taste savo pop up

Taste Savo pop up brings local providers, Europes award-winning food gifts and North Savonian tasty gifts to the shop window. You are welcome to collect the tastiest ideas, gift cards and Savonian experiences into the Santas bag.

Taste Savo pop up includes Alahovin viinitila, Eväsmiehet, Hiekkalan Marjatila, Ilmatar, Iltalypsy, Kauraparta, Lingell & Piispanen, Nenosen mansikkatila, Puijon ravintolat, Puijo Peak, Rantalan tila, Siljas design, Sydännaiset, Taito Shop Kuopio, Tiukkapipo, Tundra Natural, Vaahteramäen Mumma & Pappa, Vaittilan marjatila, Virtalan tila, Pesolan pihviliha, Puutarhuri Sanna Sutinen.

Pop ups are one concrete way to make nearby produced food more known. At the Christmas Market Taste Savo shop is run by Ravintolamestarit. Their CEO and areas official food ambassador Eeva Mertanen is passionate advocate of nearby produced food.

Poikain Parhaat

Poikain parhaat

Poikain parhaat is a young and innovative food industry company, which manufactures high quality beverage products as well as dry and berry products with a strong handcraft stamp and out of love for genuine ingredients. Story began in 2016 when we started mulled wine production in Tampere.


Faebook/Instagram @poikainparhaat

You can find Poikain Parhaat's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.

Afro Asian Food Shop

afro asian food shop

Afro Asian Food Shop has toured all over finnish market and now it is also coming to Kuopio Christmas Market to sell it´s delicacies. They have comprehensive selection of dried fruits and nuts. In addition to these, they also have varnishes, lots of different almonds, such as: christmas, cinnamon and snow almonds, as well as fresh dates.

Welcome shopping!

Facebook/Instagram @afroasianfoodshop



Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather Vesa Lappi learned to fish even before he could walks. After spending countless hours by the water and growing up surrounded by the enchanting scent of alder smoke he wanted to offer the same experience to others. Kala-Lappi was born from passion, know how and the desire to work for better domestic fish food.


Facebook @Kala-Lappi

Instagram @kalalappi


Namitupa, or Candy cabin, is a traditional caramel factory in Ilmajoki, Finland. Namitupa has been making handmade, classic candies for centuries, but today they’re known especially for their salty liquorice delicacies. Their wide selection has both traditional and new variaties: something salty, sour, sweet and strong. Addition to salty liquorice, Namitupa offers delicious and fun “Angel’s snack bags” which is simply the best small gift idea!


You can find Namitupa's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.

Café Nazca

Café Nazca is a small roasting factory from Kuopio founded in the year 2017. Our products include different kinds of self roasted coffees and special coffees. Besides coffee we sell different kinds of tea and seasoned cocoas.

Our coffee beans are grown with ethical and ecological values and a portion of our coffee is organic. All of our teas and cocoas are organic.


Facebook @cafenazcakuopio

Instagram @café.nazca

You can find Café Nazca's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.

Anna Marian Jouluherkut & kauneus AnnaMaria

Anna Marian Jouluherkut & kauneus AnnaMaria

I’m an oriflame brand partner and my passion is christmas treats and high quality beauty and wellness products. I want to participate in the christmas market with homemade christmas treats and oriflame’s beauty and wellness christmas gift products. There beautifully self-decorated gift baskets, gift boxes, decorated gingerbread houses, gingerbread, christmas pastries and christmas goodies – surely something suitable for everyone!

Come and make some Christmas gift finds!

By buying oriflame save the children products sets, you are helping lowincome families with children and children at risk of exclusion.

Instagram @kauneus_annamaria
044 989 2556 

Hujasen Hunaja

Natural products made by Hujanen are authentically finnish and self-made! Tasty honey is gathered from Hujanens own bees and wild berries are picked from forests of Savonia. Jam made from arctic raspberries has become a hit product at the Christmas market. After all you can’t find this delicacy from that many places. This company also sells mustard and many kinds of berry juices.



Mauntekijä Oy works in Lappeenranta, South-Karelia. The mustards, candy canes and dessert toppings are handmade from the beginning by using old recipes. We hope that traditional delicacies taste for our every customer!

Savujuustot Saaremaine Oy

savujuustot saaremaine oy

Saaremaine Oy sells smoked cheeses and smoked sausages produced by primary producers from Estonia. Saaremaine has been operating in Finland for 14 years.

Welcome shopping!


Ykköskukon loimulohi

Ykköskukon loimulohi

You can find delicious salmon which is cooked using open fire in Ykköskukon Loimulohi Christmas cabinet in Kuopio Christmas market.

Kotileipomo Vaula

Kotileipomo Vaula

Kotileipomo Vaula is a small gluten free home bakery from Suonenjoki. Their seletion includes gluten free pastries and gluten free bread. All products are also lactose free and made from the best ingredients.

Welcome to feast!

From the Deli & Gift shop you can find the popular Mualiman Napa products which are designed in Kuopio.


You can find Mualiman Napa products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.