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Tundra Natural

Tundra natural

Hand-made in Finland and at the heart of Savonia

Tundra Natural brand and VersoGrow the company behind it were founded in 2016. The idea was to combine unique northern natural products with Finnish design and crafting. The company manufactures soap and other bathing products at their small workshop in Siilinjärvi.

Natural luxury to your home and bath
Tundra Natural products are purely Finnish ecological soap and bath products which are practical gifts to yourself and to your friends. The soaps and shampoos are hand-made by using traditional methods. All the products have Avainlippu eco-label.

Beauty from the Nature
We wanted to respect nature when we selected our raw materials and to use northern plants and even bring beauty to your home and luxury to your bath. “I have always adored natures beauty for what is is and therefore wanted to bring some of it to my products and packaging. And the most important part is you can enjoy these products to the fullest because they are nature friendly.”


You can find Tundra Natural's products in the Christmas Market deli & gift shop.