Kuopion Joulutori



I am Henriikka Leppänen, ceramist and designer from North Karelia. I make handcrafted ceramic at my studio in Joensuu. I want to create better options for environment and for people. My style is down-to-earth and in my work I prefer natural materials, design and responsibility. Clay as a material inspires me and I get ideas by examining it and by feeling its qualities. I want to create something new and kind of which modern meets traditional in a stylish way. I appreciate my Karelian roots and I represent combination of traditional and modern craft.


From KOTINEN glass container shop you can find products made by ten different crafting companies. The entrepreneurs are long-term professionals and the quality of their products is really high. But not just the quality combines these items. They all have strong root in Finnishness.

Kerafiikka is located in the KOTINEN Christmas shop nr. 16